People Are Talking About The Grenada Song       



"... the sauntering melody, soft and emotive vocals, and bright steel pan accompaniment make the song

shimmer with island flavor. The longing for paradise is particularly evident in Gabrielle's voice...

     "The Grenada Song" lives up to its name and shines with island flavor."

                                                                                  Matthew Forse


"Bravo."   "Fabulous."




"The Grenada Song is much more likely to attract the attention of world music enthusiasts ...."

                                                                                      Alex Henderson


 "Beautiful island, beautiful song."

                                                 Joanne Johnson




"...kickin off with a groovin guitar riff... an unmistakable island vibe that is relaxing and engaging at the

same time, allowing the listener a glimpse into the island country even if they've never been there

themselves.....they can take a short vacation there with MonDesire as musical tour guide." 

                                                                                               Matthew Warnock


















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