The Grenada Song is a family affair.


 Gabrielle MonDesire makes her recording debut on The Grenada Song.  The new vocalist speaks four languages and sings in each of them.   Trained in French cuisine, she sometimes croons Edith Piaf classics while whipping up the mousse du jour. MonDesire also does voice overs.  She still wonders what became of the little dog who sat on her lap on the slow boat to Carriacou.  She remembers her mother wasn't  too thrilled about it.


Daria MonDesire wrote The Grenada Song.   MonDesire is a MacDowell Fellow with a story etched in stone in Boston's Green Street subway station.  Her travel article on Grenada appeared in the Washington Post. MonDesire was strip-searched by U.S. Customs agents on one of her trips home from Grenada.  The article she wrote about her experience,  Stripped of More Than My Dignity,  was published by USA Today and is widely anthologized.       



Faith, the youngest member of the family, says, " I love you, Grenada,"  at the beginning of the song. Faith has yet to share her singing voice with the world.  Her declaration of love for Grenada captures the essence of The Grenada Song.

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